UPDATE: 01/24/2019 - Thanks everyone for posting your wants! I will go through the posts in order tonight and get all the cars set aside, and reply back to you each individually. Thank you!!!

To make room for new cars, both my son and I have gone through and tried to clean our our loose cars. And I figured I’d let you guys have first crack at them, before I take them anywhere else. I’m open to both selling and trading. And for trades, since these are loose cars, I’d definitely trade a bunch to be equivalent to the stuff I’m after. Prices are listed on each picture. Shipping will be calculated by weight, and I’ll only charge exact shipping. I’m not trying to make any profit here. Just try and recoup a little bit of what I spent, and get rid of all these extras taking up space. Cars are first come, first served. Comment your requests. And for the fantasy cars, please mention the picture number, the row number, and what number the car is in the row, because I honestly don’t know the names of most of them, lol.

Oh, and I will be posting more carded stuff as well. I’ve got two whole big boxes to go through and get picture of, including one that’s mainly Treasure Hunts.

Things I’m looking to trade for (again, will trade heavy):
- ZAMAC Civic EFs
- ZAMAC Hakosuka Skylines
- ZAMAC McLaren F1s
- KDay exclusive blue Civic EF
- loose / bad card Supers
- Hot Wheels Mercedes CLK DTM AMGs of various colors
- Tomicas
- Matchbox cars with the opening parts
- new Matchbox Superfast series

Pic 1: Dodge / Chrysler / Plymouth / Jeep / Willys. ZAMAC ‘Cuda - $1. Rest - $0.50.


Pic 2: Ford / Mercury / Buick. Cool Classics Ford GT - $2. KDay exclusive Falken Mustang, Buick Riviera, and Bronco - $1. Rest - $0.50.
Pic 3: Chevrolet / Pontiac / GMC / HUMMER / Cadillac. KDay exclusive Chevelle and Silverados and ZAMAC Blazer - $1. Rest - $0.50.
Pic 4: Japanese stuff. KDay exclusive S2000 and RX-7 - $1. Rest $0.50.


Pic 5: European stuff. All $0.50.
Pic 6: Fantasy cars, Part 1. All $0.50.
Pic 7: Fantasy cars, Part 2. All $0.50.


Thanks in advance everyone!